Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are your ties handmade?

The simple answer is yes. All but the rarest of ties have the sections sewn together and the tipping added by machine. Ours is no different there. Where an Oxford Rowe tie differs is that slip stitch that runs along the seam of the tie and the decorative bar tack done completely by hand. This allows the tie freedom of movement so it maintains its original shape after wearing and will help improve the lifespan of your investment. We also offer untipped models that have to be hand-rolled at both ends. This requires an expert hand and an attention to detail no machine can imitate. As a result of the amount of handwork involved, there could be a slight variance of up to .25 inch finished length of the tie you receive.

2. Where are your products made?

All Oxford Rowe ties and pocket squares are made in Italy, the United Kingdom or the United States. We use long-standing and very respected manufacturers. One is based near Florence and primarily produces our knit ties and pocket squares while the other, which is tucked in a small village near the Italian coast, produces all other ties. 

3. What makes an Oxford Rowe tie or pocket square special?

We sincerely believe the answer is everything. But you do not have to accept that at face value, read more about our products and philosophy here.

4. Do you ship to my country?

In order to maintain the commitment we have made to give our customers the best service possible, we only ship to a few countries at this moment. But do not fret, more locations are being added all the time. For a list of specific countries, please refer to our Shipping and Returns page. 

5. How long will shipping take?

Overnight and two-day orders will be shipped by the following business day. Any orders using other shipping options will ship within 1 - 3 business days.  For more shipping information, please refer to our Shipping and Returns page. 

6. Can I return my purchase?

Of course! Shopping online means that you do not get to see an item in person or hold it in hand before purchasing. And sometimes you just do not like an item as much as you thought you would. It happens. Returns are quite simple. More information about returns can be found on our Shipping and Returns page. 

7. I have a question. How can I reach you?

We can be reached by:
Phone: (678) 235 – 4044
Or by clicking the "Message Us" icon in the lower left corner of any page of the website.
All messages are returned within 24 hours, if not sooner.


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