About Oxford Rowe

For the most part, all gentlemen own certain staples when it comes to suiting - navy and grey, windowpane and birdseye, herringbone tweed and glen checks. And after a few years of selling made to measure men's suiting, it became apparent that my love was not in a suit. Don't get me wrong, the endless possibilities that a custom garment presents still gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling today but it is not the part of the process where my true passion lies. That is in the completed look, or more specifically the little things that make my wearing a simple grey suit different from anyone else - the accessories. I started learning about what a true art tie making is and about the styles and the history of each. I learned about fabric weights and why it matters, seasonality and which colors are best in which situations. It became clear that I needed to change my path. I left that suiting business and started focusing on bringing my vision of contemporary, modern and timeless accessories to the market.

Oxford Rowe is the result of that research and planning. Each necktie, bowtie or pocket square offered was selected because it met the following criteria:

1. Quality craftsmanship.

Our products are sourced from Italy. We wanted to work with the most talented and knowledgeable people and so we went to the home of men's accessories and found artisans who truly love what they do, men and women with decades of experience creating works of art with their hands.

2. Unique yet versatile colors.

The goal was that someone who did not own any ties or any pocket squares could come to our site and find a variety of products to fill their wardrobe. When we could not find what we were looking for we designed it. From casual to semi-formal, we believe we have all bases covered.

3. Highest-quality materials.

We sampled from several long-established companies checking not only the visible materials but also the interlinings, thread for stitching and anything else that would be a part of our accessories. 

Once production is complete, all products are shipped to our warehouse in Atlanta, Georgia for final inspection and distribution worldwide. We also display them in truck shows and popup markets around the country, sharing what we have learned during this process about what makes Italian craftsmanship second to none.

From my team, I would like to welcome you to Oxford Rowe. We look forward to a long relationship with you.


All the best, 



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